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Star Volunteer Opportunity Award, December 2017

Congratulations and well done to Société Générale & SportsInspired! You’ve Won!

EECF recently brokered a volunteer opportunity between Société Générale and SportsInspired. 200 primary school children turned up at Copperbox in Stratford to attend and participate in a variety of sporting activities and 22 volunteers from Soc Gen volunteered to support SportsInspired by attending to the young people. It was an amazing day and both the young people and volunteers from Soc Gen benefitted from the opportunity. Volunteers had a huge amount of fun and enjoyed their various roles working with the children. They came away with a real sense of achievement and feeling like they made a difference. 
SportsInspireds vision is to connect communities through sporting activities with energy and passion, and they achieve this through fun and inclusive community programmes which bring together local businesses, sports clubs, schools and councils, inspiring new  connections, life skills and opportunities. 

Millie Downes, SportsInspired, Young Leader Manager said “The volunteers positively impacted the primary school children attending the event, by creating an environment in which children were comfortable playing and trying different sports regardless of their sporting ability. The Société Générale volunteers were also key in mentoring and supporting the secondary school young leaders who benefitted greatly from the opportunity to lead a team of children. With the fantastic support of 22 volunteers from Société Générale, we were able to introduce 200 primary school children to new sports, change their attitudes to sport increase their activity levels. The volunteers and the support from the Foundation were key to ensuring the children fully benefited from our programme”.

Congratulations and well done to all involved!

If you have any opportunities that you would like volunteers for, please contact Tracey Joseph, Community Engagement Manager:

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“This volunteering opportunity organised through EECF was a fantastic event that brought around 30 of our staff together to work with 200 young people. The staff involved found it a great opportunity to share their skills and make a difference while having bags full of fun". 

Rachel Butler 
CSR Programme Manager
Société Générale

Image: Volunteers from Soc Gen